Fanotec is proud to announce an entirely new line of products called the "ULTIMATE LINE".
This new line of products is dedicated to the demanding photographers in seek of the highest quality products. Using CNC machining these products are built to much higher tolerances resulting in much greater precision and accuracy. Machined and anodized from premium T6061 aluminum result in much enhanced durability and lifetime. The R1 and R10 pano heads will lead the pack with newer products on the horizon.

Nodal Ninja Ultimate R1

A single row pano head designed for use with circular and full frame fisheye lenses such as the popular Sigma 8mm and Nikon 10.5mm with more to follow. The R1 pano head incorporates a unique cantilever tilting options suitable for different fisheye lens on different sensor formats under different applications. The ring clamp mounts directly onto the lens itself freeing up the camera. Different cameras can be use on the same lens without adjusting any settings.
The R1 comes with your choice of one ring clamp. Initially, only ring clamps for sigma 8mm (Canon and Nikon Mount) and Nikon 10.5mm are available.

Features and Highlights

* Arca Swiss Compatible quick release design.
* 8 precise on-the-fly tilting options (-15, -10, -7.5, -2.5, 0, +5, +7.5, +12.5 deg.) widely used by professionals for different applications, making R1 universal for all circular and full frame fisheye lens.
* Options to capture (off-set from No-Parallax-Point) the zenith (up shot) and nadir (down shot) making nadir and zenith patching easier and making sharp long exposure captures possible.
* Rolling the camera/lens in any position including the popular 0, 60 and 90 degree positions.
* Lens clamp permanently mounted to lens making reproducible mounting possible, and much quicker to setup.
* Different cameras can be use on the same lens without adjusting any settings.
* Compact and light weight.
* Great for use on monopods and high poles.
* Much easier to use.
* Advanced rotator D4 with 2,3,4,6 stops detent options and pan lock.
* Small nadir footprint.
* Built-in spirit level.
* Optional spirit level at convenient to view position.
* Optional advanced rail stop to remember NPP setting.
* 30 day money back guarantee.
* 2 year warranty.

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