I am new to the forum and new to panoramic photography. There is great info on here. I am still in search of purchasing the software. The equipment i plan to use is the NN3 MKII with a Nikon D80 and Nikon 10.5mm fish eye lens. My biggest question was how people got started in actually selling these virtual tours. I want to start off easy by creating virtual tours of homes for sale so the stiching can be easier with no moving objects. Once i have created these files do you just sell them to real estate agents or do you have to host them on a website? Or maybe you just charge for the service and they have the rights to the file you created? Are there any major legal issues with starting this type of business?

i am in search of my first home as well and asked my realtor about these virtual tours and they do have a company they use but they only do "Luxury Homes" and they are pretty expensive from what she told me. so i figure i could be at a much lower price point and not discriminate on non "luxury homes".

Thanks again for your response.