Hi Nick, as the rotators are now, seems to be a way to make available a special detent plunger as microswitch, the moovment of the ball in the detent plunger can be used to on/off a switch. This special detetent plunger will not be for mechanic stop, even it might not stop at all, the only purpose will be to ON an electrical circuit through it when the ball is entered in position and to be OFF when is not.
This will be very useful for action pano, when one must take, say 4 shoots in short time. The camera will be set on high ISO, wide aperture and fast shutter speed, of course, the rotator will trigger the shoots at every stop position.
if it has a simple wire connector, to made an adaptation for various camera remote jack can be left to the users.

I'll try to make one here, though my posibilites to put in practice are, say, limited.