Hi - I just purchased a NN3 standard kit and have been using it with my D700 and a 50mm f1.8 prime lens. I very much wanted to use my other lenses with the kit (Nikkor 17-35 mm f2.8 and 28-70 f2., but as I have been trying to calculate the entrance pupil for each lens at various focal lengths (my goal was to print a table and laminate it for use in the field), I came to the conclusion that the arm of the Ninja which the camera is mounted on is too short! I was consistently getting values above 120 mm for the 17-35mm, which of course is beyond the actual length of the arm itself. Is there a different length available for the camera mounting arm, or are there other workarounds to solve this problem? I'm getting flawless results with the 50mm prime, but the field of view is problematic. Since I do a fair amount of HDR work, it has become fairly time consuming to have to get 9 or 10 shots coverage, each bracketed at 5 to 9 different exposures. In rapidly changing light, this has become an issue. I really don't have the resources right now to invest any more $ in glass for wide angle prime lenses. Thanks!