Hi All,
I do real estate photography and use a clunky pano head, and would like to purchase an NN due to the fact that it seems lighter and more compact - great for travel. The following is my wish list and then below that is my current equipment. I am open for suggestions as to which NN I would require and which accessories to make taking pans and then regular stills a little more convenient.

My wish list:
- ability to change out the pano/rotator so I can use my Manfrotto tripod for regular still shots easily without losing settings.
- currently do 12 shots horizontally only in portrait mode. Would like to minimize this # of shots horizontally
- would like to be able to do vertical shots as well
- if I purchase a Canon D40 or possibly Canon 5D in future that the NN that I purchase will accept that camera as well
- current pano/rotator has levels on it - do I need EZ-leveller as well?

My current equipment:
Olympus E-410
Zuiko 11-22mm Lens
Manfrotto 808RC4 and Manfrotto Tripod 055XDB
and FL-50 flash in the hotshoe

Suggestions and advice are more than welcome!