Hi guys,

thought i would say gday and quickly introduce myself. My name is Anthony but all my friends call me Skiman (a nickname from my time in the Air Force). Im an Aussie - if you havent guessed that already, lol. I live in Newcastle on the east coast, about 1.5hrs north of Sydney. I run a photography business and still work in the Air Force, and i do a whole pile of other stuff too.

Ive recently become an Australian Reseller of Nodal Ninja products and look forward to getting to know all of the team here and meeting other photography enthusiasts. Bill tells me you're a great team to work with and im excited to be a part of it.

My new Aus website dedicated to panoramic photography is being designed and developed right now and shouldnt be too far off launch. I love technology as much as i love photography and spend a lots of time on the PC. I also enjoy the outdoors very much and do a lot of paragliding around the cliffs of Newcastle and surfing when its not too cold.

Ill keep it brief for now as its 1am here and i have an early start. (did i mention that im a night owl? hehe).

Take it easy and i hope to see you guys around here soon.

Peace ~