Hi there, I have just gone through the proces of establishing the corrrect rail positions for my Eos 20d with efs 10-22 lens. I am slightly worried that my upper rail settings(which look perfect to me) are different to the settings that I have seen for this combo elsewhere on the forum. I am happy that the lower rail is central at 54mm. The upper rail however is as far back as it can go on the rail, and this is with the camera plate with the NN£'s mounting thread on the lens side of the cameras tripod thread point.
I have seen setting mentioned of 97mm for this lenses and camera, but at these setting I can see a lot of parallax movement. My setting is nearer 107mm to acheive no parallax (with the plate as far back as it will go). Have I got this wrong?

My first panos have come out OK bar one constant thing that I am struggling to understand whats happening.
exif info is showing as full frame, 10mm (which alters to 12.38 on alignement), should I be changing this to recilinear normal?

On and interior shot of a room in my own home I tried 2 different methods. (1) 6 @ +30, 6 @ -30 plus Zenith and (2) 4@-60, 4@+60 and 8@ level horizon.

The second setting has worked a lot better than the first, but both have shown stitching errors on the exposed wooden overhead ceiling beams. The beams are actually kinked in paces and there is a blurry missmatch at these points.
After alignment, I have gone into the control table and deleted anything over 4 points out and there seems enough points for the stich OK. Any ideas what am I doing wrong?.
If these is a way of posting a sample, can you let me know what size setting will make the file size small enough to post but still be good enough to see the problem?