Hello everyone! Greetings from Hong Kong.

I'm new to DSLR and pano shots. Here are my very first panos using Nikon D90 and Nikkor 10.5mm with NN3

I think the Times Square one is my satisfactory work so far, if done without the watermarks.
My room shot is not correctly aligned horizontally, at that time I still didnt know I need to set horizontal control points.
I'm still on trial on the stitching software (dont mind the water marks ) but I think I will probably invest on one of those. Both PTMac and PTGui are cool in terms of features, but I guess there should be a better one right?

Can anyone kindly give me some advise on my panos and the following?
- How many shots should I take using my setup
- How are zeniths taken and stitched?
- PTMac or PTGui?

Cheers, have a nice day