Hi, all I just received my new RD16 and EZ-Leveler, to match with my NN5.

I must say that I'm impressed. About EZ-Leveler-II, If you saw "Cast Away", the movie, the main character , played by T. Hanks, how hard he tried to make fire on the island, then long after, at home, how he looks in his hand and lighs the pocket lighter, making the fire in a split.
The same was me, enjoing alot how I can now fine move the bubble on the spirit level by rotating the knobs of EZ-Leveler-II remembering the leveling on my first cheap tripod which had strong legs but soft plastic head

About RD16, the newest, from a post while back adding a second detent plunger was considerred, back then, by Nick, that it might make the rotator cumbersome to use, I must say that once I have it in my hand I realize that is the opposite, I stronger suggest to NN team to make available as extra for the rotators as many detent plunger as one wants, is very handy to have them in positions, in the apropriate holes to be (de)activate like knobs by two turns, even if them cannot be made in colors, one can stick some coloured tape on the detent plunger, and so "programing" the rotator at home and on the fileld turn the red for 60¬? stops then unturn the red and turn the blue for 90¬? stop or the green one for 36¬? stops, again, very very handy. I'll buy few if the detent plungers are available as extra

both products looks awesome, strong, and professional made.

thank you,