Hello Everyone,
I just created my first Pano and have a few questions. I see a lot users used Pano2VR in conjuction to PTgui. When I look at a lot of the posts here that also say first pano nothing is displayed and a box stating pano2VR has expired. I happened to use PTgui for this pano but I had tried Panoweaver 6.0 and plublish it for a web site. Wasn't happy with the output and after trying PTgui I was amazed how easy the process was and good the picture looked.

I have a Nikon D300 with their 10.5 Fisheye and NN5. I only see a bit of a problem with the stiching at the top where the panduit shows. By the way I'm working here in Iraq and this is a 360 of my room. I took the top and bottom pics but only used 6 pictures for now it was getting late that night.

I will probally go ahead and buy the PTgui but does it not publish file for a web is that the reason for pano2VR. I had seen one usres panos that listed that was the software and his pano were just amazing. He was from Russia doing a 360 x 160 for a car to use in a camercial and listed the software. He also used Photoshop to edit the pictues. Everyone was so amazed they kept asking him his process.

Please look at mine and any tips suggestions is welcomed. I used live view to obtain what looked like good settings and Histogram and then shot in manual as I read suggestions from other users here. I was pleased with the quality of the shot but I may need to adjust the setting for I used the new Quick release system and 86 -4.5 for the quick releasr came to 81.5 but the Entrance Pupil per the manual should be close to my gold ring. I used 60% with 6 shots.