I currently have the above equipment. and the 5D is fitted with a really right stuff L plate, I also have a gitzo tripod and markins ball head with quick release plate. I pretty much keep the L plate on the camera at all times.

I would like to get a pano set up, I understand the basics, but I want something I can use with my current lenses. My ballhead has a bubble level on the quick release plate. I guess i can level that and then place the pano set up on top. So I was thinking the Nodal Ninja Mk 2 but was wondering what I would need at the base to attach to the ball head and also if there is a way to attach a quick release to the upper arm so I can leave the L plate on the camera.

Probably would be using the 50, 85 or the 24-105 in this set up. Unlikely to use the wide 17-40 I think.

Would this set up be appropriate and what else should I get to attach to my current equipment. I can take the L plate off if too hard, but definitely need an option to attach to the ballhead.