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  1. Leveling the NN5


    Hi all,

    I have just one simple question:

    I know I should level the tripod first. Then I mount the NN5 on my EZ-LevelerII. After that I level the whole equipment without my cam. Then I arm the camera on the NN5.

    But should I level again? (Because after arming the cam with some "heavier" lens (Sigma 50-150 - I'm interested in GigaPanos :-) on the NN5 you can see the bubble moving inside to the outer corners.)
    What is your sequence when you arrange your equipment or whats the correct order to build everthing up?

    Thanks for your help.
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    If you need to level again once your camera is fixed on the Nodal Ninja it means the attach between your head and the tripod, or tripod itself is not very stable :/
    Myself I install everything ready to shot and then I level, just before I setup my focus and settings on camera for shots !


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    you could be right. I just checked the tripod (it's a giottos 8360 with the short center column) and this part is very stable . And then I checked the connection between the NN5 and the EZ-Leveler ... and there was a little space and I was able to seize the NN5 a little stronger to the EZ-LII.

    Maybe that was my mistake in the first place. I'll watch that next time when I shoot panos.

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