I initially was considering using a Markins Quick Shoe QR48 and P300U Plate and came here to confirm whether it was a suitable combination to use with the NN3. As I've been perusing the discussions about quick release solutions, I'm becoming more confused rather than less confused. I've seen it repeated many times that it's not recommended to use QR systems with NN3 and the NN5 should be used instead. However even on the Nodal Ninja Store site, the quick release system is listed under accessories for the NN3. Some of the solutions suggest various accessory plates that can be used with various systems to get a workable solution.

Assuming that I currently have or use no QR system, what specific components are known to work for the D300 with 10.5 lens combination?
Will the Nodal Ninja QR system work for this? If so do I need to get one of the thinner mounting plates in addition?