I have just received my NN5 Pano Head with the RD-16 Rotator and Im very happy with the way it works. I took my time to learn how to set it up properly however I have found that the New Arca Style QR plate bracket's screw plate(with the cork) often comes loose. When adjusting my camera lens for the optimum Nodal point the loosening and tightening of the plate and moving it back and forward causes the screw plate to come loose which has now left an ugly and course scratch on the inside of my upper Rail. Now I can live with that however being as I spend over almost $600 for it im kind of upset about it specially as I have hardly used it. It is such a beautiful piece of machinery and seeing the sleight damage is a bit of an eye sore that I will get over soon enough. So this is just to mention what I have experienced with your newest setup and I hope this serves as a little word of caution to those about to setup. Otherwise I'm totally thrilled with my purchase and I am very interested in selling the the Nodal Ninja Line down here


Cape Town, South Africa