which nodal ninja i need ?
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Thread: which nodal ninja i need ?

  1. which nodal ninja i need ?



    I'm just starting with pano photography,
    Want to buy a nodal ninja, but don't know wich one i need !

    I want to use it on a nikon d200 with nikon 18-200 lens, want to make multi row images, whith nadir and zenith photo's too.

    Doe anyone have an advice for me ?
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    Nodal Ninja 5 with possibly the R-D16 rotator base if you want to switch between lenses quickly. If not, the standard Nodal Ninja 5 will be fine.

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    If you can afford it I would advise definitively also the NN5 with R-D16 as it's very easy to setup and change settings when you change lens (easier than detent rings of regular model), but standard NN5 will go very well also


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    Nodal Ninja 5 would be the perfect choice, if you want to achieve the full tilt up position for the zenith shot, as Andrew and Vincent correctly stated.

    However, Nodal Ninja 3 mkII can be an alternative: at 18mm, a proper up shot is not possible but you can still easily cover the zenith area for a full spherical VR.


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