Hello !

I've been doing cubic VR panoramas for let's say a year and a half now. I am using a Canon Rebel XT (without the grip) and different lenses (18-55 kit lens, 17-50 Tamron lens and the 10-20 Sigma one), i.e. nothing very heavy.

My NN3 (first version) is not bad but I never found that middle screw tightening method simple nor perfect. (This probably explains why the new rotator has been created.) If I want the rotator to click in well when I turn it, I cannot put the screw too far in, and this brings some little wobbling or instability in the head (the weight of the camera slightly deviates the system towards it). Probably this is not a big problem, but little imperfections adding one to another can create serious difficulties in assembling a spherical panorama.

So, here are my first questions : is there something I can do for my "old" NN3 to be perfectly stable ? Perhaps the detent springs or the detent rings are a bit worn out ? I didn't take any risk changing the detent plunger adjustments, maybe should I ? Otherwise, do I have to upgrade my NN3 ? I would then consider getting the RD8 rotator.

Another thing I don't find practical is that I cannot fit my camera + 10-20 Sigma on the rail as is, the lens diameter is to big (by the way, I think the user settings indicated on this site are incorrect, I can give you the ones that I think are good if someone confirms this). So, what I do is that I add the T-adapter for the camera to be a bit higher. However, I therefore need to make sure the T-adapter is perfectly aligned with the rail + with the camera.

My second question is : I suppose the camera plate came out at the same time the NN3 MkII did. Will it perfectly fit the rail of my NN3 ? I'm quite sure it would, but I prefer asking before ordering stuff over here in France. This would be simpler to use than my present solution.

Thank you for reading my long message and for your help !