I just received my NN3 MKII. My D200 has a Really Right Stuff L-bracket on it and there's a mounting hole in it that I presume I can use for attaching the camera mounting plate. (That hole is to the rear of the D200's hole for mounting brackets.)

First question: Is it OK to screw the camera mounting plate into the hole on the L-bracket, or do I have to remove the L-bracket?

Second question: Does it make any difference in which direction I mount the camera mounting plate? The illustrations in the manual all show the plate with the extra hole on the bracket placed to the rear of the brass screw used to attach the plate to the camera. If I keep the L-bracket on my camera, the camera mounting bracket sits under more of the camera body and appears to be more stable if I rotate the entire plate 180 degrees, so that the bracket's extra hole is pointing towards the front of the camera.