[move]Great Unit - Exceptional Service[/move]

I don't often take the time to comment on purchases, good or bad but I was so impressed with the quality of the NN5L that I just felt I needed to let you know.

I ordered the NN5L Monday night Feb 2nd in the evening. Imagine my surprise when I received an email the morning of the 3rd with the shipping information! I requested Standard Priority Mail delivery so the unit arrived, courtesy of the Post Office yesterday (Saturday the 7th).

As a former owner of a Manfrotto 303SPH (I returned it as it was too heavy, too big, and too clumsy to travel with) I was impressed with the quality, size, weight, and design of the NN5L. I also ordered a QRC2 clamp to mount my Canon 50D as the web store stated it would fit most Manfrotto plates. At first I was disappointed as the clamp would not grip my Manfrotto plate. Surprise again : when I found a replacement jaw included that converted the clamp to fit the Manfrotto plates I use! The next surprise was the slide stop on the clamp was to short to act as a stop for my plate... Once again a part was included to convert he stop to the height required for the Manfrotto plate. If you need it, might need it, or might need to replace it chances are it is included with the unit!

In today's make it as cheap as possible and sell it for as much as possible, charge for needed parts, and run to the bank economy Nodal Ninja is a welcome and pleasent surprise! A company that offers a well designed, expertly manufactured product with emphasis on Customer Service and satisfaction is a rare find.

Count me as a satisfied customer!