I'm having a little difficulty getting the T-adapter working with my NN3mk1. The camera mounting knob has too long of a screw for the adapter. Before the screw had to fit through the rail, the square rubber washer, and the camera. Now it needs only fit through the rail and the adapter. I have excess screw because now there is no rubber washer, and the T-adapter is not sufficiently deep to account for its absence. I presume I am supposed to be using a knob with shorter screw. Is one available for sale?

My new rail stops are just the right size not to work for me. They don't fit between the rotator and the vertical rail without the screw impacting the rotator in one orientation or the knob in the other. On the opposite side of the vertical rail neither orientation is sufficient for the screw to clear the vertical rail knob. I would have guessed that they were intended to work on either side of the vertical rail. Did the vertical rail knob change so that it has a narrower diameter or else slopes sufficiently to clear the rail stop screw?

- Eric

PS. I love love love the RD-16. What an amazing piece of hardware that is, and I can't wait to take some panos with it. Hats off to you gentlemen for making it.