Hi All,

My first post to these forums, but I've been a user of Nodal Ninjas for a while (got the NN3-2 early last year). I've finally gotten around to posting one of my Nodal Ninja-based panos on the web for others to see, and here it is (Flash 9 format): http://www.mab3d.com/QTVR/dockside.html

Seriously cold afternoon by the ferry docks (-17C) but gorgeous skies. Can you believe that people live on the islands you can see across the harbor and commute to work on a ferry that cuts through the ice?

Shot with a Pentax K20D at 10mm. 35 shots in total: 6 around, 1 up, times 5 brackets for the HDR. (That sun, those clouds, and that snow!? Gotta be HDR!) Dropped into Stitcher 2009 to make the full HDR pano, then tonemapped in Photomatix, plus a little tweaking in Photoshop.


BTW, many panopeople know me as "that guy who shoots HDR with the Agnos "3-shot angled head" and Sigma 8mm" but I'm now loving the Nodal Ninja and my Penax DA 10-17mm. Still shooting HDRs all the time... ;-)