I know this might be a simple one for those who are better experienced in this now. But am new on this and need some guidance. Just got a new NN5 and using it with D70 and Sigma 10-20 lens. My settings for eliminating paralax seem to work well but I still have serious problems stitching the nadir and Zenith in the panorama. If I work it with nadir and zenith in PTGUi, I can make a movie but with the black home top and bottom of image. Most of the tutorials am viewing on-line are using only 6 horizontal images while I have been shooting about 36 horizontal. Is anyone using the same combinations and could have the time to give me a run through of how I could manage this please. Once I have even tried creating cubic faces in Pano2vr but when I try to convert the edited faces back to panorama, I get error file that can be read again in PTGUi.

Pls help.