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  1. Which Model?


    Hi Everyone,

    I need some advise about 360 pano's...
    I am using Canon 5D with 24-105mm L lens. I want to take indoor and outdoor 360" panoramic photos... I did some research and I ended up in this forum.
    I want to buy "Nodal Ninja Pano Heads" but I really dont know which model...
    Is my camera and lens compatible with any heads and are they good enough to use for any 360 heads? Is any head compatible with any tripod?

    Thank you very much in advance...


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    Hi Serhan,
    Welcome to the forum.
    The best Nodal Ninja for your gear is NN5. Anything from the NN5L to the NN5 w/RD16 depending on the features you need and the budget you're working with.

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    Bill, Thanks for your recomendation...

    I am not using battery grip and as I said I am using Canon 5D with 24-105mm USM IS L... Does my equipments fit to "Nodal Ninja 3 MKII"..? If its ok I am planing to buy ASAP... But I dont wanna buy wrong pruduct so thats why could you please advise me..?

    Ps: Can I take good enough 360"x180" photos with Nodal Ninja heads or should I change my lens with any wider lens..?

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    Hi Serhan,
    Because you are using the 24-105mm lens and needing to do 360x180's you will need to step into a NN5. We have a few refurbished NN5L packages for $299.95:
    This is great value.
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    Thanks for your advise Bill...

    Postage cost is too high if I order from USA so I ordered a NN5 from your (UK) supplier - Red Door VR...
    Looking forward to using my new NN5 and will share my pano's soon..!

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    I would like to make mention that a customer has choices when it comes to buying our products. Buying from a local reseller is always encouraged and helps to support a local economy.
    While we would never persuade a customer to buy from a particular reseller we do need to point out that some regions may have multiple resellers as in the case of the UK and the Netherlands.
    For a list of all authorized resellers please visit:


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