I tried to experiment today with turning the vertical arm of the NN3 90 degrees so that I could use the whole setup to position my camera 8 or 9 inches from the tripod center. It wouldn't be the most stable setup, but in a pinch it might be useful when a horizontal tripod column isn't available. The only problem is the foot for the vertical arm isn't square, so it doesn't fit in the lower arm sideways. It'd only take about 1/8" to make it square, though. There's a little bit of material on the outer lip of the foot, and being the outer lip I wonder if it couldn't be removed without affecting the stability. Thoughts?

Also, mine is the NN3 mk 1. Was there any significant change to the mk 2 other than the rotator and the rail stops? If my goal is to have the RD3 or RD16 as my rotator is there is any remaining benefit to upgrading to the mk 2.

- Eric