Dear Nodal Ninja,

I just thought that I would drop a quick message here to let you know of the great service I received from one of your resellers, Red Door VR. Last year I purchased a Nodal Ninja 5 Lite from them with the idea of upgrading it when the upgrade was released. When you announced your upgrade program here I contacted them asking what I would need to do. They promptly informed me that as soon as they had received the stock from yourselves they would announce their own upgrade program. Just before Christmas I was informed of the process, signed up and at the beginning of January they told me which bits to send where. I dispatched my parcel to them and the next working day, when they received it, they were good enough to drop me an email to let me know that it made it to them safely. After the upgrade they again emailed me giving me a tracking number if needed. It wasn't as it turned up safely the next day.

After my experiences with Red Door VR, I would be more than happy to recommend them to others.

Robert Bilsland.