Can I reverse the Camera Plate?
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Thread: Can I reverse the Camera Plate?

  1. Can I reverse the Camera Plate?


    Can Any body help?

    I know it sounds daft. But after using an 8mm Sigma fisheye for a while, I'm trying a Sigma 10-20.I use a Canon 450D and I want to shoot at 20mm. The reccommed settings are 55 lower rail and 100 upper. However, I would have to turn the camera plate around to be able to get to this setting? Furthermore, how true are the suggested settings, using my 8mm I found some of the settings out on the bottom rail after using the "Grid" as parallax experiments.

    Any help appreciated!

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    yes, you can reverse the camera mounting plate.
    fisheye lens has floating NPP. It varies with angle of view of lens or the shooting interval. The grip method may not be very suitable.
    see John's tutorial for calibration guide.


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    Thanks Nick

    I will turn the plate around and try some parallax experements. My 8mm sigma is already calibrated, it was the new sigma 10- 20,specifically shooting at the end 20mm.


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