3 Panos from the second snow storm
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Thread: 3 Panos from the second snow storm

  1. 3 Panos from the second snow storm


    Here are 3 shots from this morning, after we received another 12-14 inches of snow.


    For the 3rd pano, I was trying to remember where I was standing when I shot the moon pano the other night, but it's hard with 2 feet of snow on the ground to get exact placement.


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  2. Re: 3 Panos from the second snow storm


    Hi Kirk, nice panos, I like the third one where one can see the shadow of NN making sunbath.

    For positioning you can use parallax, mean the releative position of the small vertical elements over the main door and relative position of a near tree over a distant one. One can make two prints extracted from previous pano at say 90¬? yaw apart that checking those on the field.
    Seems that you managed to have a pretty close position

    thanks for sharing,

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