Hello all,
I've been lurking here awhile and finally signed up the other day.Several years ago I picked up a Nikon Coolpix5000 and an FC/E8 which I intended to use for kite aerial photography. For various reasons I never got a rig for this set up but I recently blew the dust off my gear and would like to try my hand at ground based panoramas. I ordered an NN180 which the postman tried to deliver today but no one was home so I'll need to pick it upi at the post office tomorrow.I have a few questions:

1. I have an inexpensive tripod. It's a Promaster 6400.Will I be able to use it with the NN180.From the pics online I can't tell as I'm not sure how it will attach.Here's a link:


2. Is there a big enough difference in PTGui and PTGui Pro to justify the additional cost?

3. With my setup will all I need to take is 3 pics at 120 degrees apart with no zenith or nadir shots necessary? Is this correct?

Also any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated.