Night time/Aurora Borealis
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  1. Night time/Aurora Borealis


    first attemt at a panorama of the northen light..

    this panorama was shoot in pitch black. 30 sec exposure time. not happy with the picture quality of that pano.
    so i need some tips on how to get better quality when shooting in the dark..

    more nighttime panoramas from my city here..

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    Hi, the stars and lights are beautiful on the sky,
    One even can see, toward the north, Thor's shadow and other fellow gods from northen skies, he have the Mjolnir layed down so lets hope some more peaceful new years ahead

    thanks for sharing,
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    beautiful scene indeed. I hope I can have a chance to see Aurora in person in the rest of my life.


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    There is a problem with your stitch. The handle of the Big Dipper (three reasonably bright stars in an arc) has become disconnected from the bowl (four stars in a quadralateral) and a duplicate star (the first of the handle stars) is present (
    Good effort though.
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