Which NN, 5L or 3?
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Thread: Which NN, 5L or 3?

  1. Which NN, 5L or 3?


    Hi all

    I've been playing around with panos for a while and have decided to get a better head.

    My current kit list is,

    5D, 1D2n and 20D
    Tok 10-17 fish (with hood shaved off), Sigma 15mm fish and Canon 17-40L (plus L lenses up to 300mm)
    Frotto 55pro and the 555B levelling column. I have a cheapy L bracket style head that's not even remotely accurate and a 303 head. The frotto is big, heavy, not that friendly and is pretty visible at 10mm.

    Logic says that I should do all my stuff with the 5D and the Tok for quick captures of busy scenes, and the other lenses for higher quality.

    Will a NN3 be sufficient or should I look at a 5?

    Thanks very much

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    only NN5/5L will work for Canon 1D series.


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