I just got a NN5L. I will be mounting it on a Really Right Stuff BH-55 ball head. That is, I'll be using the ball head as a leveler. So I want to put an Arca Swiss style plate on the bottom of the rotator of the NN5L so I can quickly attach it to the ball head. It needs to br a RRS or Wimberley plate since the RRS site says that other brands don't work with their lever clamps. I would appreciate any advice on which plate to get for this purpose.



Edit: Another possibility is to use Fanotec's Arca Swiss style plate (ASQRP1). Can anyone give me its dimensions (I can't find them on nodalninja.com) and whether it works with RRS's lever clamps?

Edit: Changed message icon to the Question Mark to make it clear that I'm asking for help/advice.