In your NN180 product description, you mention:

" Lenses such as shaved Nikon 10.5mm on full frame sensor and Sigma 8mm on cropped sensor can be supported by using a L-bracket and slanted adapter (to be released later) for making spherical panos. "

Suggestion -- make those pieces also fit the lower rail of the regular NN3's and NN5's. That would be a very useful addition for
shooting cylindricals for those of us who already have NN's and just want to shoot a cylindrical or spherical without the complication
of setting up a standard NN.

For example I have a wide angle lens that will bump into the lower rotator locking knob if I just want to shoot a cylindrical with
the camera on the lower rail. The camera has to be in landscape mode and the lens won't be at it's nodal point. I can't put the
camera in portrait mode.

Some sort of bracket or riser to lift the camera high enough so that the lens is at the nodal point and above the locking knob and
put the camera in portrait mode would be useful. That way I wouldn't have to set up the camera on the upper arms. And it would
be useful to be able to shoot in landscape mode if I chose.