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  1. EZ Leveler 2 rules


    Just wanted to say that the EZ Leveler 2 is da bomb. It makes leveling the NN5 a snap.

    Here is my setup in order from how it is connected.

    Markin Ball Head
    Arca Style Quick Release plate
    EZ Leveler 2
    RD12 Rotator
    Arca Style Quick Release System
    Arca Style Quick Release plate
    Canon 40D

    I have 2 Arca Style Quick Release plates. One is attached to my 40D and other one is attached to my EZ Leveler 2.

    I use the Ball head first to make the major adjustments to the level and then use the EZ Leveler II to fine tune the adjustment. It is simply amazing.


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    You have the best of what Fanotec has to offer and you were quick to get these as well with the limited production.
    A wait well worth while. I use the same setup and it really is a sweet combination.
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    And thanks to you Bill, I got everything I need.

    Looking forward to seeing what other things you guys produce. At this point though I am not sure what I need.

    One thing that would be cool would be a nice case to hold the NN5 with the R12, EZ Leveler attached and Arca Style Quick Release plate attached. It would be bigger than the one that came with the NN5.

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    Hey Tri3,
    We hope to have cases available soon for all NN configurations....stay tuned.
    Thank you for your continued support.

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