howdy im playing with my nn3 and noticed it seems the settings for the lower rail on the nn3 camera lens settings page dont seem to be coresponding ive just ot my laser levelling device out and it looks to me that for the d 300 the bottom rail needs to be 64.5 mm instead of 60 this is with the cp adapter can this be wrong as ive read elsewhere the measurements from bottom of camera to centre of censor is 47.5 mm which by my average calculations would make 60mm about right but i have my tokina 12-24 attached and when i use my laser like a plumb bob basically the device im using sits on the floor and shoots a laser beam vertically floor to ceiling and when its lined up with the centre shaft etc of tripod it seems the setting should be more like 64.5 - 65 mm
im confused as when i first checked the settings page it said 63.5 mm for the bottom rail now it says 60 mm for use cp adapter also the settings for the tokina 12-24 mm lens seem different for my lens any help or advice on anything im doing wrong would be much appreciated
also on the camera / lens setting page it says some measurements have been skewed for certain purposes does that mean there wrong or right or good enough so to speak