Arca Style Quick Release System and NN5

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Thread: Arca Style Quick Release System and NN5

  1. Arca Style Quick Release System and NN5


    OK so I set up my NN5 with the new Arca Style Quick Release System am I am wondering if it is set up correctly. It appears to be, but I just want to make sure.

    I have put the plate on the camera going sideways. In other words the grooves are horizontal to the lens. I think this is the correct setup because if I mounted it going the same direction as the lens, the camera would line up correctly for the first of the 360 shots. So basically for the first shot I set my NN5 to 0 degrees. I then slide my camera into the Arca Style Quick Release from the top.

    Just making sure. I hope I explained this correctly. If not I can post some pictures.

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    you are using our clamp and plate? if yes, make sure you "switch on" the bottom safety bracket when the rail is at 0 deg position. You can switch on the top bracket after the camera is mounted.


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