What fisheye for Nikon D90?
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Thread: What fisheye for Nikon D90?

  1. What fisheye for Nikon D90?


    Hi everyone!

    I haven't been here for some time but hopefully my pano skills progressed a little. I've done and stitched several multirow panoramas using my Canon G6 and NN5L head. Anyway, as you can imagine, it's quite difficult and time consuming to do it multirow... Several days ago I decided to go with a Nikon D90 and a fisheye to take just a few pictures. I'm thinking of buying Nikkor 10.5mm lens but before I do that, I would appreciate yours input on this. Has anyone any experience with this lens? What are different (maybe better) choices?
    I guess 10.5mm will give me full frame cropped picture. Just wondering if isn't it better to go with circular fisheye - maybe some Sigma?

    Hope to here from you!
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    Hi Marcin,

    You should think about something if you want to use a fisheye lens for your pano. You'll lose a lot of quality as you'll have a lot of pixels in your pano so you'll get a very important loose of resolutions ! I think, unless the work of stitching pictures, it's definitively better to do multirows pictures. All the matter, once you have well setup your camera with its lens, stitch step is pretty simple and straightforward


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    I'm aware of resolution loss but... 3D panos are used mostly for the web so a large resolution is not a requirement for me. Instead I want to get a flexibility in taking just about 6 pics around + nadir&zenith. I think this is a better approach if you want to make a pano for the web quickly and avoid corrections due to moving objects (clouds, crowd, etc.) which are much more difficult with multirow panos. I agree multirow works best in terms of resolution.

    Do you think 10.5 fisheye together with Nikon 1.5x crop factor will give me an ability of taking just 8 pics in total?!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marcin Krugly View Post
    Do you think 10.5 fisheye together with Nikon 1.5x crop factor will give me an ability of taking just 8 pics in total?!


    Yes, 10.5mm just need 6 around + Zenith and nadir. You can tilt it down by 10-15 deg to reduce nadir hole for easier patching.
    Another popular lens is the sigma 8mm F3.5. You only need 4 around+ zenith and nadir. If you tilt the lens up by 5 deg, you don't need the zenith shot.


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    tokina have a 10-17 mm fisheye lens great little performer to though i dont use it for my work mostly i use a tokina 12-24mm lens but the 12-24 has some bad chromatic abbertions that can ruin a photo but the 10 -17 is a amazing piece of glass cheep as chips 2
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    I have the Nikkor 10.5 fisheye, it's a great lens. Very sharp. I use it on my D200 and D80.
    My buddy has the latest D90 and it's excellent!

    6 photos + zenith and nadir as Nick said.

    BTW, D90 has HD video, who needs VR anymore. =) just kidding

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    Thanks for all your input guys. I'll give a try to Nikkor and see how it works for me.


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