OK so I took my first pano today with my new NN5. I got to say I was really really impressed with the NN5.

When shooting indoors do you use a flash? I found that there were some dark spots in my house that I normally would use a flash with to light them up. I also had to adjust the exposure with every shot, since the lighting changed thoughout the 360.

Once the shots are done do you guys normally bring them into photoshop or something to work with the lighting levels before stitching them?

My setup is the following.
Canon 40D
Sigma 8mm

I used PTGUI Pro (Trial Version) to do the stiching
I used Pano2VR (Demo Version) to do the movie

Movie File - No flash was used.
Movie File

In the pano you can see areas where it is a little blotchy. I guess this is do to the light differences between pictures after they were stitched.