Hello All,

Please bear with me, I'm quite new to this. I want to shoot VR tours for hotel rooms, but also the odd outdoor VR would be nice too. Here are a few questions I have.

1. I have a D300 and the Nikon 12-24mm f/4 lens. Am I good to go with this lens, or should I pick up a 10.5mm fisheye?

2. I see in the supported equipment list that the NN3 MKII is fine for this setup, but somewhere here in the forums, I saw someone recommending the NN5 as a better option. Any thoughts on this? Which of the two should I purchase? Do I need any other hardware to make this work?

3. I'm planning on using easypano software for the stitching and VR creation, but I haven't ordered it yet. Is this an appropriate choice for what I'm going to do?

Thanks in advance for any advice/opinions!

Cheers, Russ