I get my NN5L this week and Ive starded to take some shots, but I still see some parallax errors > not too much as before, but still some. Im using Canon EOS 400D + 18-55mm EF-S which is a rubbish. Lower Rail is 47mm and Upper Rail is 89mm according to a official Nodal Ninja settings, which can be found here : http://www.nodalninja.com/nn_settings.html

Im not use about Lower Rail setting, because If I put it on 47mm, the center AF point in my camera is not in the center of NN5Ls "help thing"

My bubble indicator on tripod is in the center and everything seems ok, but the final panorama is in some places wrong. Is this setting ok or Im doing some other mistake ? Im using PTGui.

Sorry for my english and thanks for replys

P.S. I can upload my shots for a spherical panorama if necessary. Lower Rail is set to a 50mm > in this setting the center AF point is in the centerr of NN5Ls "help circle thing" This is how it looks like when I made a panorama without zenith picture (so dont look at it ) http://spangler.cz/temp/re/pano.jpg - you can see there parallax errors