D300 + nn3MK2 + 17-55 dx if-ed LENSE SETTINGS
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Thread: D300 + nn3MK2 + 17-55 dx if-ed LENSE SETTINGS

  1. D300 + nn3MK2 + 17-55 dx if-ed LENSE SETTINGS


    Dear all,

    can anyone tell me what settings i should use on upper and lower rail for this setup ?

    Nikon D300
    Nikkor 17-55 DX IF-ED Lense

    For use of "on 17mm rectilinear panoarama".

    If any of you would know upper and lower rail fixing parameter please do let me know as i am bit of hurry at clients place and i need to use rectilinear panorama here with still lense..

    previously i had 18-70 ed lense and on that i had used lower=53mm | upper=92mm settings but as this lense is very much different than 18-70 i think settings for 17mm would be different.

    Please help me find nodal settings for nn3.

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    Mak, You should learn how to set up your pano head yourself. In this case, the bottom rail setting will remain the same as for other lenses. Then arrange an object in front of the camera on the NN3 so that as viewed through the viewfinder, one edge of the object is aligned with some feature as long away as possible (e.g. out of the window). It's best to use f/11, say, with the depth of field preview button pressed. Swing the camera to bring the edge of the object first to one side of the frame and then the other. The near obect will appear to shift in relation to the distant feature, owing to the change in viewpoint resulting from the movement of the entrance pupil as it rotates about the pivot point. Adjust the top rail setting until no shift is visible as you swing the camera to and fro - i.e. zero parallax.

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    AF-S DX Zoom-NIKKOR 17-55mm f/2.8G IF-ED may be too big for NN3.


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