I find it a really useful and excellent way of stitching using John's way of stitching by use of masking out what i do not need on the nadir then feeding all images into PUTgui but recently, i've change my gear a bit and trying out some compact camera pano shooting and i hope to be able to overcome this.

When stitching without masking first, i get this > http://moonshine.homedns.org:2655/pa...n/Untitled.jpg

with the masking, the bubble level of the NN3 lower rail just keeps appearing like this > http://moonshine.homedns.org:2655/pa...john/nadir.jpg

I tried using different Blending tools like Smartblend and enblend, the results are worse.

Enblend - http://moonshine.homedns.org:2655/pa...direnblend.jpg
Smartblend - http://moonshine.homedns.org:2655/pa...smartblend.jpg

Any ideas? i would want to stick to this method for now for the lightweight and ease of travel. Nick and AussieNinja has been helping me with my unconventional use of the lower rails of the NN3 discussed here http://nodalninja.com/forum/index.ph...28.msg1980#new