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this is very difficult without customization for your camera. Some cameras have tripod socket very close to the battery door.

thanks nick. when it comes to point and shoot, i guess it's hard too. The battery compartment can be anywhere. haha

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I stitched the entrance panorama with PTGui, but noticed something odd about the nadir image. The image circle was offset from the other images - and the image was not just rotated by 180 degrees either, as sometimes happens due to the autorotation sensor. So when the crop is applied to all images, it is in the wrong position for the nadir. That means the warping is wrong. I used viewpoint correction after fixing the crop and got this result: http://www.johnhpanos.com/entrance.mov

Hi John, thanks a lot for reading and trying out the stitching. That's a lot better compared to what i have stitched. I was wondering the same thing about the cropping of the nadir as i did what you may have done. "Apply to all images" and i was thinking since i was handholding the nadir shot, it could once in a while be offsetted thus the offset of the cropping when apply to all images in PTGui.

I'll try out the viewpoint correction tutorial you have mention. It was also your tutorial on the masking way of doing the nadir that got me to keep trying to perfect this setup of mine i have using the FC-E8 as i really like the way PTGui stitches the nadir into the final equirectangular image. The usual way for me was using Eric's technique (eric from fromparis.com) by way of making the stitched equi image, create 6 sided cube using pano2qtvr then overlapping them using layers then move it into place, adjust contrast etc to match then save them into a single layer and then back to pano2qtvr to recreate the equi image. phew...a lot more work with a lot more images.