Adobe has a presentation on the upcoming CS4 and it's 360¬? stitching capabilities:
I was into the whole presentation, which is very interesting, until 21:02 into it when I saw

and then again at 21:58

When I saw Nodal Ninja on the floor sitting atop their Adobe logo first I was like WOO HOO!!
Then I felt a warm glow come about that helped settle me
We're very proud that Adobe as chosen Nodal Ninja to use as testing equipment in their product development. We all know the superiority of Adobe in the marketplace and these little 2 second exposures (no pun intended) we hope will draw a bit more added exposure to our little company - even though to the casual observer you can't really read the Nodal Ninja on the rotator. Still we'll take what we can in the form of free press.

Thank you Adobe (and to Ms. Samatha W.) for choosing us.
We are humbled.

Nodal Ninja