I purchased a NN5 L about a month ago and I'm having difficulty putting together the illusive pano. I've downloaded umpteen different programs with no success in creating even one pano. I was really hoping this would be easier and more enjoyable but it doesn't look that way at this point. There seems to be lots of sites offering information on this and that but I've yet to see one definitive tutorial that covers all the bases. It's like trying to organize a soup sandwich!! Exposure is confusing as well. Should you meter for the brightest part of the whole deal and bracket with 3 shots or 5 or 7 or 9. How many stops in between? I rented a 15mm fisheye lens this weekend and the panos I've attempted are all distorted and it's as though the software doesn't work correctly. I'm definately NOT willing to futz with EVERY photo in photoshop and spend hours to create one photo worth keeping. Actually I was hoping to create a profitable sideline as I've seen such wonderful panos ( QTVR'S ) on the web. Am I missing something.... or is it really THIS difficult to create a decent pano? If so, I'm losing interest fast!! Any helpful input would be appreciated.