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    The Swedish island of Gotland is sometimes here in Sweden called "The Island of a Hundred Churches". These churches were all built during the 12th to 15th centuries and 92 of them are still in use. Some are in ruins. Really a very rich cultural heritage. Since I visit the island of Gotland every year for a couple of weeks I thought that capturing these churches could interest many and possibly increase popularity of panoramics for a wider audience.

    There is an exterior panorama from all churces. For some of the churches there is also a panorama from inside. If there is there is a link at the top of the full screen window with a link to toggle between inside and outside view.

    I hope you like them.

    The link is

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    amazing work. how long did it take for all the photos and stitching?
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    I think I spent around 2-3 hours on stitching each panorama. It was a little bit faster at the end of the project when I could use Match-n-shift for point generation and Enfuse for exposure blending. Match-n-shift works well for point generating for a fish-eye like my 10-17 mm Pentax. There are 126 panoramas all together. Photographing took longer for the first 50 or so churches because I was not very well prepared. But with route planning, Google's mapsite, GPS, long days of April and luck with the weather I was able to do 18 churches in one and the same day. (The ones in the south.) I then even did the interior of some because they were open because it was on a Sunday. The distance between the churches is often less than 10 km so the drive between churches was only a 10-15 minutes. and are among my personal favourites.


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