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On another forum Matt from 360precision said: "The D200/10.5 setting for six shots is 83mm and 86mm on the D300. Matt 360Precision.com" (http://www.panoguide.com/forums/qna/4486/)
I suppose he's referring to respectively the lower and upper rail settings?
Matt was not referring to lower rail settings at all. 83mm refers to the upper rail setting with the D200, and 86 refers to the upper rail setting with the D300.

It's of no importance what anybody else tells you the settings are. You can so easily check for parallax by taking some photos yourself and know for sure whether your settings eliminate parallax or not. If they don't, adjust them until they do. You then know that your settings are correct. Whether they are the same as anybody else's is of no particular interest.

But do try to get out and shoot a panorama in a much bigger venue where parallax is not so important an issue and see if you can manage a stitch without any errors.