I tried to use the higher count stop / detent rings with a Canon 300 mm f4 IS and a 28-135 mm USM zoom at 135 mm on a Canon 40D body. I was trying to shoot a high resolution panorama of the city from above. I tried using the n24 stop at 15 degrees per detent and then the n36 stop at 10 degrees. I was not able to reliably feel the stops at n36. Would I be better off shooting without stop ring and manually adjusting each shot?

Also, the n36 stop at 10 degrees is still too much rotation for this shot if I am able to adjust the lower rotater tension knob (15) and the lower rotater lock knob (1. How should the lower detent release knob (14) be set?

I do have a Manfrotto 3275 architectural head that has course and fine adjustments in three axii. Maybe I should place that between my tripod and NN5L. I could manually make the horizontal sweep using my liveview or viewfinder to tell me where I am at in between. The 300 mm f4 IS takes a whole new level of patience when shooting panos. Just breath on it. I dare you