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    I must say that my NN3 has opened up so many creative possibilities. What I am working on mainly is creating HDR panos in different locations and then shooting people in the studio, matching the light and creating massive images. I am a pixel pig!
    I am using a Nikon D300 with a Tokina 11-16mm lens for the HDR panos and then a Hasselblad H1 with a imacon 96c digi back for the models. Looking forward to ordering the new NN5 that can support the Blad. For some samples please visit

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    Looks good

    a great idea.
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    I really liked the shots. I have been wondering how I could do that. I was also thinking of placing people in my my 360 panoramics. Someone playing the guitar or sax. I have a tfp coming up where I wanted to try it. I was thinking that I would need to use a CG program to match the lighting, that my strobes would not match well.

    How are you matching the lighting? I looked at the first older gentelman and looked for catch lights, but I am not sure if that was what I was seeing. I thought I saw a umbrella main light with a longer softbox fill, but that is a stretch. Did you use a green screen on all of them or a blue screen? Did you use a flatter lighting ratio?
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    Thank you for the comments. The lighting on the older man was very simple just a soft box to the right of him with the defuser taken out and yes he was shot on a green screen. The other younger man was 2 bare 1000 watt continuos lights set slightly behind him and pointed directly at his head about 8 feet away from him on both sides with a 6x4' reflector on a c stand bouncing the light back into his face. He was shot on a blue screen.

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