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    Hi there i have a 5d and was thinking of using the new canon 14mm lens for the pano stuff. It's an expensive lens, but i can us it for my other interior and exterior shots as well. Also what would the settings be on that? Thanks!
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    If you are planning on doing full 360x180 panoramas, the 14mm is a slightly awkward focal length. The 15mm fisheye would be a better choice, since you can shoot 6 around + N + Z. More shots are needed for the 14mm. The 15mm is also a third of the price of the 14mm.

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    Thanks, John. Wouldn't the fish eye look a little distorted if i was shooting interiors and exteriors of homes. Want it to look as normal as possible. Guess i should try a few first. 360x180's are not necessary for this.
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    The 15mm fisheye images would need to be defished if you wanted ordinary rectilinear images. I was really suggesting it primarily for the spherical panoramas.


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