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    The extreme wide-angle lenses usually have a 'flower petal' sunscreen in front of the first element. These do not provide complete shielding especially if they have been trimmed to prevent vignetting. The Nikon 14-24mm zoom (with D3 body) has a good reputation for low flare especially compared to the earlier Nikon lenses. In spite of this I built a combination sunshield adapter plate that firmly mounts the heavy combination to the sturdy Nodal Ninja 5.

    The sunshield is optimized for the 14mm focal length and therefore does not vignette at longer focal lengths. The camera/lens combination is positioned by the cushioned hole in the shield, a guide bar in front of the camera body and the tripod screw. Re-attachment is very precise with the entrance pupil going right back to the nodal point. The camera/lens combination is supported near the center of gravity and will not rotate as with a simple camera mounting plate. Finally it has a female 1/4-20 thread on the bottom and can be used simply as a sunshield on a tripod or ball head.
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    Nice. Built to last as well !

    Edmonton, Canada, Eh ?

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