A further few thought ....
at least one person has mentioned that Ultimate sounds too final.

My thinking would be that this name is reserved for the top range of nodal ninjas... and that we are just looking for a set of names to go along with a new set of heads to fit in that high quality range.

That is why I think that all the new range should have a common word in them.

Further sets or upgraded sets, could have appropriate names or suffix numbers.

I do not think the year such as 2008 should ever be used, as it fixes them in time and would suggest at later date that they are old models.
any name should indicate with in the name, what series it belongs to and its purpose or type.

Purpose/type.. Ring.... Series.. master = Ring-Master .... etc. Batch-Master ... Universal-Master

They should also incorporate Nodal Ninja, as has been used in all previous heads, so that they can easily be found in web searches.
They should be findable if one searches for Nodal Ninja... Ultimate.... ring...batch...universal or any combination... especially when used in combination with panoramas.

As NN sales are very much web based they must be easy to find using already popular or known words in searches.

I do not think words such as professional or precision give much indication as to what they are for or their purpose.